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Big baby blues brings some country to her shoot.

Miss C. brought her cowgirl boots to the shoot for some country flavor, and some stunning baby blue eyes. We had the best time, and laughed trying to get her boots back on once she was in the tub for her final set of the day. She adores Sunflowers and splurged by bringing two wonderful bouquets. Not only can they be used in the tub, but I put them in a vase inside the studio and used for strategic placement in the background for shots near the black couch. One of the many benefits of an outdoor tub is how you can see the sky reflected and tree foliage which brings a real environmental feel. This shoot was about 2 hours long with 4 outfit changes, including the Angel Wings and resulted in showing about 150 images to the client at a later appointment. She selected a gorgeous Bronze Glitter album package and beautiful wall art collection including a canvas wrap and traditional prints.

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