Welcome!  I'm so excited that you are interested in a boudoir session!  If you are like me when I had my first boudoir session, I was very shy and nervous in front of the camera. This was long before I became a photographer.  We are going to have a blast, and it won't be long before you start to feel the empowering energy help you relax (and maybe a glass of champagne or two might help...) and you'll see what a Queen you really are! 

Your boudoir session is a 3-4 hour event.  You will arrive in the morning to get glammed up with hair and make up for an hour to ninety minutes depending on the complexity of your hair. My Lead stylist Renee' does a fantastic job and will wow you!  Then we have an hour or so for the shoot where we will focus on styles we discussed in our pre-planning call or video chat.  


Once we have your session complete, you will be released to go get lunch or coffee for an hour or so and return to view your best images and make your selections at that time. The viewing appointment can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes, so you'll need to have room in your day for all of this.  

Depending on your order, your album will be ready in 4-6 weeks. 



I'm ready to book, what next? 

Give me a call and we can plan a quick phone consultation to go over all the details, discuss style and clothing options, and if you need to shop for a few items to bring we'll sort that out, what the investment is, and any other questions you might have. 

Call 858-586-0847


I look forward to talking with you!