Boudoir portraiture is an art form; much like the paintings and sculptures of the old masters, you too are beautiful, and your beauty deserves artistically archival preservation. 

This is my passion: to create gorgeous photographs you will value and cherish for the rest of your life. I believe that every woman should be able to pull out photos of herself and remember when- when she was a total badass. These shouldn't exist on a hard drive or some kind of disc, but should live in a beautiful album or reveal box that you or your loved one can share and treasure as a gift to yourselves.





























Welcome!  I'm so excited that you are interested in a boudoir session!  If you are like me when I had my first boudoir session, I was very shy and nervous in front of the camera. This was long before I became a photographer.  We are going to have a blast, and it won't be long before you start to feel the empowering energy help you relax (and a few peeks in the back of the camera) and you'll see what a Queen you really are! 

Your boudoir session is a 3-4 hour event.  You will arrive in the morning to get glammed up with hair and make up for an hour to two hours depending on the complexity of your hair. My talented makeup artists do a fantastic job and will wow you!  Then we have ninety minutes to two hours  for the shoot where we will focus on styles we discussed in our pre-planning call or video chat.  


Once your session is completed, we will select a date in the next 5-7 days for you to return for your viewing/ordering appointment. This can take 1-3 hours, but usually gets completed in about an hour. This is the time to make all your purchasing decisions, and you will have received the investment menu and payment option information before this appointment to review and prepare. There is an additional charge of $100 if another ordering appointment is required, so we encourage completing the order now. 

Depending on your order, your album will be ready in 4-7 weeks. 



I'm ready to book, what next? 

Check the session you are interested in.



For centuries, women have been told how to feel, what to wear, and how we should view our bodies. We are too skinny, too fat; we eat too much or too little. Brands market clothing to us in sizes designed to evoke emotions that make us addicted to numbers on tags and scales. 

Boudoir is different. It's about who you are in your own skin. Peel away your insecurities and inhibitions, who you've been told you are, and it's all about who you feel you are on the inside. Women come to my boudoir sessions feeling nervous and leave feeling feminine and empowered. 


1. Book your session. This includes an optional pre-shoot phone consultation where we will discuss your vision and wardrobe, and kick off the design process of your session. 

2. Have a great time at your session, which includes professional hair and makeup. 

3. In the next week after your session, we'll get together in my home to choose your favorite images. I've curated heirloom-quality products from some of the best artisan labs around the world to ensure your commissioned art stands the test of time.  Suggested minimum purchase is $799 either from the collections or a la carte menus. 

4. Upon delivery and inspection, you are able to pick up your order by appointment.

5. Enjoy your artwork! 



  • optional pre-session consultation to discuss wardrobe, style, looks, and anything else you want to talk about

  • access to the studio accessories

  • two hours of continuous coverage

  • in-person viewing where you will get to choose your favorite photographs to purchase

  • professional hair and makeup by my fantastic Hollywood level team.


Reservation fee $350. This does NOT include prints or digital products. Treffinger Studio/ Boudoir Alchemy clients typically invest between $2200-4000 for their commissioned boudoir experience.