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Legacy Life Story & Memorial Videos & Portraits

As someone who has lost many family members over the years that I do not have sufficient photos or video to enjoy the fullness of memory of them, being able to provide this service to my clients is one of the most meaningful things I have done.  It is never too soon to capture great photos and a story or message from those we love while they are still with us. Few things are treasured more after they are no longer here. 

Video of Living Memory

Let us capture your special life memories as you tell them better than anyone else can. Your family will want to have these treasured family moments of your history and ancestor stories that nobody else can tell the way you can.  We can include a slideshow of family photos as well.

Video Of Your Living Message

For people who know their time is on the horizon, and they may want us to film a special message of love or information for their loved ones as a living memory later on.  We can make a beautiful keepsake with added music and images if desired. This would be a treasured gift to loved ones. 

Day in the Life Video for Families or Individuals

For families with little ones at home, we can capture a range of family activities over the course of an afternoon combined with a portrait session. This makes a great yearly album and video collection.  

For individuals we can capture a range of personal interests, great for elders to share their interests with younger family members who might not live nearby. How does Grandma make that favorite recipe? The possibilities are endless. 

Anniversary story- Long time loves can share how they met and the story of their life together for generations to enjoy for years to come. 

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